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Books, Videos, & Music

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Grof Art



By Kylea Taylor

published by Hanford Mead

Kylea Taylor was a senior Trainer with GTT for almost a decade in the 1990s. In 1995 she published The Ethics of Caring: Honoring the Web of Life in Our Professional Healing Relationships. Twenty-two years later she has re-organized, re-written, changed the subtitle provided many new quotes and references, and added 80+ pages.

The Ethics of Caring presents a model that first suggests and supports self-compassion, then gently guides self-reflection about unconscious countertransference that often occurs in the main areas of human life.

The Ethics of Caring is a unique ethics text designed to guide the self-compassionate self-reflection of both students and professionals (therapists, clergy, hospice workers, bodyworkers, educators, medical professionals, mentors, and other caregivers) toward understanding human motivations and countertransference, finding professional right relationship, and making good choices with clients. Highly recommended for Holotropic Breathwork facilitators and sitters.

Grof Art


By Tav Sparks

346 pages, $26.00
published by Muswell Hill Press

Explores the healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness and the nature of the inner healing principle in Holotropic Breathwork.

In a work full of wisdom and humanity, Tav Sparks explores the interface of consciousness, personal growth, numinous experiences, and the evolution of the collective psyche. Drawing on his thirty-plus years of experience with Holotropic Breathwork and his interest in the perennial philosophy,

Sparks shows us how true fulfilment for any individual can be found by turning inward, through searching the core of our own deepest selves, using a powerful breathwork practice. Sparks positions this method of self-exploration as part of an emerging “holotropic paradigm” with revolutionary implications for humanity in the twenty-first century.

Inner Rhythms Metcalf

New Earth Tarot deck


Second Edition now available!

1) Set includes deck and book: NEW EARTH TAROT HANDBOOK
packaged in a compact box

360 page full color book 2016
by Kate Silver
with preface by Stan Grof
and forward by Ralph Metzner

78 card deck created by Kate Silver and Charlene Delong

"A special tarot deck is like a precious friend, something to be treasured and celebrated. For me, Kate Silver's "New Earth Tarot" deck (co-created with Charlene Delong) is such a deck. The delightful images and Kate's rich, helpful Handbook commentary clearly comes from a woman with a wise heart who has integrated all of the best forms of knowledge and awareness that are available to the modern seeker. This wisdom is offered in a form that has moved beyond the limitations of more traditional decks and comes like a breath of fresh air sent directly from the High Priestess herself." - Matthew Stelzner, professional astrologer.

Book and deck ~ $39.95

Book ~ $18.95

Deck ~ $24.95




Created specifically for breathwork and recently re-released
Breathe ~ Surrender ~ Repeat

Byron Metcalf
~ 2009 ~ $17

By request, Byron Metcalf edited and optimized some of his personal favorite tracks for breathwork, trance-dance, and other forms of dynamic inner-exploration into a compilation CD.

This special production CD contains nine up-tempo compositions designed to induce and support states of expanded awareness and the journey toward wholeness.


Inner Rhythms Metcalf



Byron Metcalf
(feat. Erik Wøllo & Peter Phippen)
~ 2016 ~ $17

An immersive journey into the rhythms and music of spaciousness and movement.
In many indigenous traditions, we learn to "tune into the sacred rhythms of the earth." With Inner Rhythm Meditations, master percussionist Byron Metcalf presents an album of music created to help listeners connect to the pulse of the cosmos. Byron takes listeners on a seamless, hour-long voyage - balancing stretches of spacious relaxation with sections of vibrant, energetic composition. Featuring a subtle blend of percussion and gentle instrumentation, including guitar, synthesizers and bamboo flutes, here is an album that evokes the dance between stillness and motion. Ideal for Holotropic Breathwork and meditation practices.


Monuments of Ecstacy



Byron Metcalf
~ 2016 ~ $17

World-class trance percussionist, shamanic and HB practitioner, Byron Metcalf masterfully blends timeless indigenous sounds of drums, percussion and didgeridoo with driving trance rhythms and foundational electro grooves. The result is an organic sound tapestry that impels you to move - freeing the mind, energizing the body, and opening your spirit to inspiration. A unique synthesis of the primordial and contemporary rhythms and sounds of trance, ritual dance, and transformation. Six long tracks ideal for Holotropic Breathwork and other practice.


Monuments of Ecstacy



Erik Wøllo - Byron Metcalf
~ 2016 ~ $17

Electronic musician Erik Wøllo joins tribal-trance percussionist Byron Metcalf for an elegant album weaving melodic, vibrant soundscapes with subtle, grounding rhythms. Earth Luminous stirs the memory on an outing through luminescent electronic ambient music where the ethereal is anchored and activated by steady, tactile frame drum and percussive patterns. Byron's tight-to-the-rhythm-grid substratum pulse serves as a conduit to Erik's lush, emotive and expansive atmospheres.

Monuments of Ecstacy



Byron Metcalf - Steve Roach - Mark Thomas
~ 2015 ~ $17

This visionary tribal-ambient power trio opens a portal into an expanded state of being. Contains six impeccabably crafted pieces of modern-tribal magic; the visceral power of sound and rhythm work to activate a body-centered passion and life force arousal.

Intention CD



Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig ~ 2014 ~ $17

Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig join forces again to focus and intensify the transformative power of their musical collaboration. INTENTION is a totally acoustic, transcultural tour de force of multi-layered tribal-ambient rhythms, indigenous instruments, and mesmerizing soundscapes - expertly crafted to evoke shamanic states of consciousness. Contains five long tracks from 10 to 22 minutes.

"Fantastic for breathwork. One I've been waiting for." - Tav Sparks







Love, Death and Forgiveness in Hawaii
By Christina Grof (1941-2014)

376 pages, trade paper, 2014
$12.50 (all profits go to Christina Grof's estate.)

Christina Grof left us recently, and it was far too soon. But we do have this memoir, completed and published right before she died.

The Eggshell Landing takes us to the warm breezes and flower lined lanais of Hawaii, where Christina was raised by her mother and stepfather. There was much joy in her childhood, but also dark secrets and enduring pain. Now her abusive stepfather is dying of melanoma. Christina's experiences with her dying stepfather will surprise you and perhaps even change your attitude toward forgiveness.

"Christina Grof offers us a beautifully crafted and moving memoir of transformation of family at the end of a life, of unconsciousness and abuse, understanding and redemption.."
- Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart



Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork


New CDs from Tav Sparks
"Holotropic Breathwork™ Series"
Four different CDs sold individually or as a set!

Disc 1 ~ Getting Started on Your Inner Journey ~Tav talks about moving into the fast lane of healing and recovery, how to give ourselves a safe structure, how the birth experience affects our lives and describes what happens in a Holotropic Breathwork™ session.
Disc 2 ~ Addiction, Recovery and the Spiritual Path ~ Tav shares his own recovery story and the importance of one’s birth experience to one’s addiction and recovery. He describes the opportunities to learn healthy boundaries, heal trauma, and prevent relapse that are available by doing Holotropic Breathwork™.
Disc 3 ~ A Modern Spiritual Method with Lessons for Practical Life ~ Tav talks about the benefits and the healing power of working in enhanced states of awareness in Holotropic Breathwork™. Transforming deep patterns will impact your everyday life in meaningful ways.

Disc 4 ~ Healing Stories from Holotropic Breathwork™ ~ Tav tells some amazing stories of some doing on-going Holotropic Breathwork™ who have experienced healing from Raynaud’s Disease, asthma, in-uterine trauma, migraine headaches, and depression.

All produced by Stephen Michael for

Disc 1 ~ Getting Started on Your Inner Journey $15
Disc 2 ~ Addiction, Recovery and the Spiritual Path $15
Disc 3 ~ A Modern Spiritual Method with Lessons for Practical Life $15
Disc 4 ~ Healing Stories from Holotropic Breathwork™ $15
All Four ONLY $49

Click here for a Complete Description of Content for Each CD


Incensed cover


Incensed: the Novel
by Cary Jane Sparks

410 Pages ~ $15

"Laughs and insights in equal measure. Seekers, read this book!"
- Wes Nisker, Buddhist teacher and author of Essential Crazy Wisdom

Read more reviews at




Stanislav Grof DVD


Stanislav Grof: Researcher, Author, Teacher,
and Visionary


From Elgin Production
77 minutes  ~    $20

This documentary traces Stan’s phenomenal fifty-year career as consciousness researcher.  Learn about Stan’s remarkable journey from his early research on psychedelics, to the birth of the transpersonal movement, to Holotropic Breathwork.  Highlights include Grof’s first psychedelic experience and its impact on his life and career, his days at Esalen Institute as a Scholar-in-Residence, and his insights into non-ordinary states and their potential for healing and transformation.  Included are interviews with Stan, his wife and partner Christina Grof, and UCI researcher Charles Grob, MD, as well as archival photographs from throughout his life with friends, colleagues, and prominent teachers and visionaries.


The Shaman’s Heart II
The Healing Journey

Byron Metcalf -Featuring Steve Roach ~ $17

The Shaman's Heart II is an entrancing 70-minute shamanic journey of uninterrupted, evolving tribal-trance drumming and percussion that continuously builds in rhythmic complexity and dynamic intensity. Byron is joined by Steve Roach who provides the harmonic and textural psychotropic stew created from a rich, organic and analog blend. The alchemy with the percussion results in an ecstasy that helps hold the space for the listener to journey far and deep into powerful and sustained shamanic states of consciousness. The journey culminates in a bursting forth through the full spectrum portal of pure existence – returning safely home to the heart-centered presence and potential of the true self.

Holotropic Breathwork


Dream Tracker

Byron Metcalf - Dashmesh Khalsa - Steve Roach ~ $16

The essential ingredients of ancient and contemporary shamanic trance states are fully activated in this highly potent new release. Byron carved out a collection of incredible trance grooves for nearly a year, eventually bringing in the prana-infused didgeridoo of Dashmesh Khalsa on every track. Steve joined on in early January 2010 and poured his heart and soul-drenched soundworlds into the six pieces, covering a full range of ecstatic dreamtime flow: rhythm, breath and expansion.The end result is a full-blown dreamtime alchemy of all the elements. The living, breathing percussion, didgeridoo and soundworlds are unified in a single purpose: to open to the door out of the ordinary world – initiating the listener into an empowered journey of infinite possibilities for spiritual rebirth, illumination, and transcendence.

Holotropic Breathwork


Lillibit’s Dream

By Melody Sullivan
and illustrated by Stanislav Grof, MD

Certain to appeal to children and adults alike, Lillibit’s Dream takes readers on a heartfelt journey of big dreams, profound changes, and the gifts of acceptance, patience and faith. With easy, engaging language and charming, vibrant illustrations, author Melody Sullivan and illustrator Stanislav Grof deliver a beautiful analogy for life’s transitions and the miracles of personal transformation.


Holotropic Breathwork



Holotropic Breathwork:
A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy

By Stanislav Grof, MD, & Christina Grof, Ph.D
Softcover Edition ~ $20 .

"A must read." - Deepak Chopra

The definitive overview of this transformative breathwork. In this long-awaited book, the Grof's describe their groundbreaking new form of self-exploration and psychotherapy.


LSD: Doorway to the Numinous


MOVIE YOGA™ ~ How Every Film Can Change Your Life

By Tav Sparks 
192 Pages ~   $19.00

This amazing new book will change the way you think of movies and human transformation and the dynamic relationship between these two realms forever.  Learn how to turn on your inner Awareness Positioning System™ (APS) and discover your own life by watching it play out in film, frame by frame.

An international workshop leader, and owner and Director of Grof Transpersonal Training, a program which offers certification in Holotropic Breathwork, Sparks' depth of experience and writing expertise make Movie Yoga a fun, deep and inspiring ride. A five-star read! 


Tav Sparks Talks About Movie Yoga CD


Tav Sparks Talks About

By Tav Sparks 

This is the companion CD to the book Movie Yoga™. Tav Spark inspires and challenges us to begin practicing, as he tells personal stories about his own practice of Movie Yoga on this CD. In Movie Yoga we watch films (as we love to do anyway) and add a willingness to track our own emotions and memories fearlessly. The practice of Movie Yoga often results in more self-understanding, better relationships, and healing — and all the while we are enjoying movies! ~ Hanford Mead Publishers Inc. (2010) / Produced by Stephen Michael for™

Hear Tav Spark's speak about MOVIE YOGA™ on YouTube! It is only a minute long!

Follow this link:



Medicine Work

Byron Metcalf & Rob Thomas ~ $17

Award-winning shamanic-trance drummer Byron Metcalf and master didgeridoo artist Rob Thomas of Inlakesh combine their musical and personal medicines to create an extremely potent sonic brew.

MEDICINE WORK is a call to the deep journey. An invitation to explore vast mysteries of Initiation & Rites of Passage; Alchemy & Transmutation; Transformation & Transcendence; Cycles of Death & Rebirth; realms of the primordial, archetypal & mythological. The journey concludes with the safe return Home to the harmonic resonance of the traveler’s Heart and True Nature.


Considering Holotropic Breathwork


Considering Holotropic Breathwork™
Essays and Articles on the Therapeutic and Sociological Functions and Effects of the Grof Breathwork

By Kylea Taylor
166 pages – $22 

Included in this volume  is the full description of the author's study while facilitating Holotropic Breathwork at a residential substance abuse recovery program, an article on Jung's Fourth (Inferior) Function as a gateway for breathwork experience, an in-depth   exploration of the value of sitting for another in Holotropic Breathwork, and much material on the function of Holotropic Breathwork in trauma recovery.


Transpersonal Vision - Breathwork Bookshop


The Transpersonal Vision
(a 8 CD set)

By Stanislav Grof, M.D.
9.5 hours - Special savings! $63

In every mystical wisdom tradition, non-ordinary states of consciousness have served as essential tools for discovering why we are here and how we can live richer, more meaningful lives. For over 40 years, Stanislav Grof has tested and brought these methods into the field of modern psychology. On The Transpersonal Vision, Grof gives a stunning summation of his groundbreaking life’s work.

The Ultimate Journey  

The Ultimate Journey:
Consciousness and The Mystery of Death

By Stanislav Grof, M.D.
356 pages - $20

 Dr. Grof discusses his own patients experiences of death and rebirth in psychedelic therapy, investigates cross-cultural beliefs, paranormal and near-death research, and argues that, contrary to the predominant Western perspective, death is not necessarily the end of consciousness.

LSD Pyschotherapy by Stanislav Grof, MD.  

LSD Psychotherapy
with new introduction by Albert Hofmann
and foreword by Dr. Andrew Weil

By Stanislav Grof, M.D.
374 pages - $20.00

This new revised edition provides a complete account of a remarkable chapter in the ever-continuing inquiry into our transpersonal nature and origins. The controlled studies described in this book reveal exciting and challenging data about the nature of human consciousness, perception, and reality itself. Dr. Grof outlines a new cartography of the human mind, one which accounts for experiences such as shamanic trance, near-death experiences and altered states of consciousness.

Breathwork Book Shop  

When The Impossible Happens

By Stanislav Grof, M.D.
300 pages - $19.00

Dr. Grof ’s mesmerizing firsthand account of over 50 years of  inquiry into waters uncharted by classical psychology, one that will leave readers questioning the very fabric of our existence.


Exploring Holotropic Breathwork: Selected Articles from a Decade of The Inner Door

Edited by Kylea Taylor
608 pages - $70.00

A unique reference text in which professionals from medical, academic, therapeutic, and spiritual fields, trained by Stanislav Grof, M.D. contribute 144 field reports on the subjects of physical healing, therapy, kundalini, astrology, and more, written from their experience practicing Holotropic Breathwork in countries around the globe.


The Thirst for Wholeness

By Christina Grof
300 pages - $16

Carl Gustav Jung described the addict's craving as a 'thirst for wholeness.' Christina Grof, a pioneer in the transpersonal psychology movement, draws on her own spiritual journey and addictive experience to explore the issues at the very heart of that craving - the longing for spiritual identity and the yearning to know the true self.

"A rich and powerful pathway to a fully human spiritual life… Excellent… please read it."
- John Bradshaw

Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research by Stanislav Grof, M.D.

Psychology of the Future
Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research

By Stanislav Grof, M.D.
345 pages - $30

This book is the source to introduce Grof's enormous contributions to the fields of psychiatry and psychology, especially his central concept of holotropic experience, where holotropic signifies "moving toward wholeness." This book presents the core material of the Holotropic BreathworkTM  Training program.



Adventure of Self-Discovery
Dimensions of Consciousness and New Perspectives
In Psychotherapy and Inner Exploration

By Stanislav Grof, M.D.
321 pages - $30.00

Grof presents a useful model of the psyche -- a model extended by his thirty years of studying non-ordinary states of consciousness -- which is useful for understanding such phenomena as shamanism, mysticism, psychedelic states, spontaneous visionary experiences, and psychotic episodes. The model is also useful in explaining the dynamics of experiential psychotherapies and a variety of sociopolitical manifestations such as war and revolution.

The second part of the book describes the principles and process of Holotropic Breathwork TM developed by the author and his wife Christina for self-exploration and for psychotherapy. Grof explores in detail the components of this technique. He describes its method, its effective mechanisms, as well as its goals and potential. Its practice is simple, since it utilizes the natural healing capacity of the psyche.

The Breathwork Experience:
Exploration and Healing in Nonordinary States of Consciousness

by Kylea Taylor
192 pages - $17.00

A clear, concise, and complete description of Holotropic Breathwork using examples from actual breathwork experiences in participants' own words. Discusses the theories of Stanislav Grof, M.D. and the opportunities in breathwork for healing trauma and assisting recovery from addiction.



Holotropic Breathwork™
a conversation with
Christina and Stanislav Grof, MD

DVD  - $20.00

The popular original video with Christina  and Stan Grof, MD discussing Holotropic Breathwork is now available on DVD. This method of self exploration is described by the cofounders and footage from an actual breathwork session is also included. Run time is approximately 45 minutes.

Holotropic Mediatation CDs  


By Byron Metcalf

In this latest solo project, Byron expands his sonic explorations of the shamanic path of soul-based and heart-centered living that is the foundation of his work. Byron’s masterful production results in a delicious blend of fierce percussion, heart-opening textural voices and overtone singing – a bold sonic expression of power, purpose, presence and compassion for the Earth – the Mother of us all.

Complete Inventory List

Grof Books
Click here for a complete list of Grof books



Cost ($ USD)


The Adventure of Self-Discovery S. Grof 30.00
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science S. Grof 25.00
Beyond The Brain S. Grof 27.00
Cosmic Game, The S. Grof 30.00
Eggshell Landing, The C. Grof 12.50
Holotropic Breathwork
S. & C. Grof 20.00
Human Survival & Consciousness Evolution S. Grof 25.00
Lillibit’s Dream S. Grof 20.00
LSD Psychotherapy S. Grof 20.00
Psychology of the Future S. Grof 30.00
Spiritual Emergency S. & C. Grof 16.00
Stormy Search for the Self, The C. Grof 17.00
Thirst for Wholeness, The C. Grof 16.00
Ultimate Journey, The S. Grof 20.00
When The Impossible Happens S. Grof 19.00

Spoken Audio



Cost ($ USD)

Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: Disc 1 T. Sparks 15.00
Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: Disc 2 T. Sparks 15.00
Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: Disc 3 T. Sparks 15.00
Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: Disc 4 T. Sparks 15.00
Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: 4 Disc Set T. Sparks 49.00
Tav Sparks Talks About MOVIE YOGA™ CD T. Sparks 15.00
Transpersonal Vision, The S. Grof 63.00




Cost ($ USD)

Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, The S. Grof 20.00
Holotropic Breathwork S. & C. Grof 20.00
Stanislav Grof Bio Documentary Elgin Productions 20.00
Thirst for Wholeness, The C.  Grof 20.00

Other Books



Cost ($ USD)

The Breathwork Experience Taylor 17.00
Considering Holotropic Breathwork Taylor 22.00
Doing Not Doing
*Available only to those in training or certified as HB practitioners.
T. Sparks et al. 11.00
The Ethics of Caring NEW VERSION Taylor 26.00
Exploring Holotropic Breathwork  Taylor 70.00
Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator's Manual
*Available only to those in training or certified as HB practitioners.
Taylor 50.00
Incensed, the Novel C. Sparks 15.00
The Power Within T. Sparks 26.00
Movie Yoga T. Sparks 19.00
SoulCollage Frost 25.00
Through Thunder T. Sparks 18.00
The Wide Open Door T. Sparks 12.00

Click here for a description of each CD




($ USD)

Alleluia-Kyrie Gass 17.00
Best of Lisa Gerrard Gerrard 17.00
Deep Time Dreaming (Hemi Sync) Metcalf 20.00
Dream Tracker Metcalf et al. 16.00
Earth Luminous Wøllo, Metcalf 17.00
Helpers, Guides and Aliies Metcalf 17.00
Induction Metcalf 17.00
Inner Rhythm Meditations Metcalf 17.00
Intention Metcalf & Seelig 17.00

The art & practice of ecstatic chant

Jai Uttal 25.00
Medicine Trance (2 CD's) Prof. Trance 29.00
Medicine Work Metcalf & Thomas 17.00
Monuments of Ecstasy Metcalf, Roach, Thomas 17.00
Music for Yoga and Other Joys Uttal / Leinbach 17.00
Shamanic Trance Dance Metcalf 17.00
Shaman's Heart Metcalf 17.00
Shaman's Heart II Metcalf 17.00
Spirit Gathering (Hemi Sync) Metcalf 20.00
Tales of the Ultra-Tribe Roach & Metcalf 17.00
Warning from the Elders Metcalf 17.00
Whale Rider (Soundtrack) Gerrard 17.00

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